Video Replay of our Zoom Q & A Session on how to Register for a Booth

For Artists, Wellness Organizations, and Recovery Communities

This full festival experience will also feature an exhibition hall full of virtual booths where online festival attendees can interact with you much like they would if you were in person. 


The exhibition hall will be an interactive page where attendees can see tons of vendors and organizations at a glance, each with their own “booth” portal, similar to an on-site event.


Attendees can visit you in your online booth and ask questions about services, products, and buy online or donate to your organization. There will be scheduled times when your booth will be “live" . Instead of walking into a vendor booth, they will click on it and interact with you! There may be a small charge for virtual booth space. 

Recovery Festival Booth Vendors Can:

  • Personalize your booth with your own graphic

  • Record a welcome video message for attendees

  • Post photos

  • Video chat LIVE with attendees​

Questions regarding submissions or details regarding this event please contact Elizabeth Carovillano / / (505) 690-0040