7 Ways to Get Professional Quality Video from Your Smartphone​

You can submit video content as a recovery community*, a health organization,
or an individual.

All submissions must be related to "Celebrating Recovery”.

*A Recovery Community could be a geographic location like your city/county or it could be a community of purpose like Poets in Recovery. A Recovery Community could also be an LGBTQI+ group who holds recovery as a cornerstone of their vision and work.

Video content submissions could include one or more of the following:

  • A recovery story

  • Poetry or music video highlighting or inspiring recovery

  • An interview with someone in recovery

  • A story from a family member of someone in recovery

​Video content is not limited to these examples and could include panel discussions, providers explaining their services, etc. Videos must be in good taste and not violate any copyrights.

Recovery Communities participants will be promoted with links to their websites. The goal is to increase networking, exposure, and support for your mission, talents, and work.

Videos submissions must be Mp4 files and can be as short as 1 minute to as long as you need to creatively share your story and information. We will work with you, if needed, on video ideas, video length, online video tools, etc.

All content will be reviewed and curated by our event planning committee.

Your final video submission is due August 28, 2020


Questions regarding submissions or details regarding this event please contact Elizabeth Carovillano / / (505) 690-0040


Jovan Garcia, CPSW, recorded this video to show how to format you music video submission for our 2020 Stronger Together Online Recovery Festival. 1. Introduce yourself and your song. 2. Sing your song. 3. Share why the song is important to you and your recovery journey and share what gives your strength, etc.